Wizard of Oz, a true life inspiration

Toto-and-Dorothy-toto-the-wizard-of-oz-11525939-500-363The fact of fairytales is that we all know it doesn’t depict real life. These princesses have one little hiccup on their journey in life; running away from home, rebelling from chores, step sisters…oh the horror! They barely have a minute to live their life only to fall for a guy and then magically, game over. The men are a wide variety of bachelors from all walks of life that given just a hint of imagination, I’m sure you can stereotype them into today’s society; a hairy beast, a broke street rat, a handsome and wealthy prince that has a poor girl pining for him so much that she actually wishes to alter her physical body instead of having a voice (opinion), to captivate his attention.

Fairytale, schmarytale, let’s have girls watch a different kind of story and watch it a million times, “The Wizard of Oz”. Yes, Dot was living her life with no complaints, family life was normal (there’s a kook in every family). She was just happy with herself and little dog.  Suddenly, WHAM! A tornado completely wrecks her life, no car, no job, no house, no friends, no suitcase, gone. Just her and her dog, a minor responsibility. Now this girl has to fend for herself, figure out what’s next and stay focused on the yellow brick road. Just like in life, she meets some schmucks along the way; one guy is looking for a brain (probably because he thinks with his penis), another guy looking for a heart (probably because he thinks with his penis), and another one is so scared he can’t even ask her on a date. She meets circus freaks and monkeys and bitches who try to tell her what’s good for her but NO, that girl has her eye on the prize and nothing pulls her from HER road in life. Girl, just follow that yellow brick road. Now that movie deserves a standing ovation.


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