Tinder Teachings: How to teach others to Tinder better


Tinder Teachings: How to teach others to Tinder better

In today’s society, dating apps and online dating are all the rage. From subscriber paid sites, to specific life stage dating, locality apps, you name it. At surface value Tinder’s concept seems straightforward; one person sees a photo of a person, chooses to like or dislike that photo and both outcomes go undisclosed to the other person. The other party swipes through and if they stumble upon the prior party and find them attractive, it is a match and the love story begins. Tinder teaches us that a photo can be worth a thousand words, or on the contrary, not even worth a swipe right. The photos you choose to portray you best, in actuality may give a woman a wrong impression. We’ve all heard about disaster dates, and you may have your own treasure tales to tell your grandchildren some day, but to keep your Tinder game tight, let’s take a good look at the psychology behind those photos. For all those gentlemen out there that don’t have a sister or good female friend, here is some sound advice to teach you how to Tinder better.

– If we can’t pronounce your name, we can’t say it in the bedroom.

– Yes, a picture of you wearing a suit, sitting in a bulldozer does catch our attention. It also makes us think about the reasoning why THAT was going to be your default photo. Furthermore, if that scenes is any indicator of how your last relationship ended (get it bulldozed).

– Please stop fluctuating in size; fat, skinny, buff, deflated. Phew, what a headache we have figuring out whether we will recognize you in person. Tidbit: If you don’t look stable in your physical appearance, what does that tell us about your stability? Pick photos from recent months.

– Photos with your ex’s face superimposed with a dog face, not only make us laugh, but swipe right based on brilliance. We don’t even have to guess who she was. Kudos!

– Too much smile means I may be stuffed in your trunk after the first date.

– Too little smile means I’ll probably be the one doing all the talking.

– Too much tan, you are probably Italian.

– If your perfectly gelled hairstyle doesn’t change with each photo, you are Italian.

– Well-groomed eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows catch our attention!

– Guns are cool, but in every photo is taken as a warning.

– Photos with your arms around women are questionable.

– Photos with kids, and you aren’t their parent confuses us. Unless of course stated somewhere, but even then if it’s your nephew, stop trying to score brownie points, just pose with a puppy.

– Do we really need to see grandma? See above.

– Bro photos too close or touching somehow are questionable.

– Riding any type of exotic animal or standing next to one, doesn’t show you love animals, but maybe slight beastiality.

– If your photos are all group shots, how can we tell you apart?




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